Welcome to Navrock Australian Shepherds.   We are located on just under 50 acres of pastureland and hay ground in the Midwest. In addition to our Australian Shepherds we also raise and show beef cattle along with free range Welsh Harlequin ducks. We have owned Aussies since 2001 and God willing, will continue to own and compete with them for many more years to come.

Our dogs are first and foremost part of our family, not just a hobby. We take great pride in our Aussies and are very serious about the responsibility of owning them and placing their offspring in homes that are best suited for them.

It is important to us that all of our dogs are a sound example of the breed, with correct structure, fluid movement and exceptional temperaments. As we move forward with training, competition and building upon our foundation we hope to evolve into an excellent program that is a true testament to our love of the Australian Shepherd breed.

Navrock is an AKC & ASCA registered kennel name.   This name was chosen in honor of our family's military service history (in most recent generations the the United States Navy) & a large boulder situated in the middle of our creek. rock

We were drawn to this 6 foot wide boulder the first time we ventured into the pastureland of our acreage. The rushing water of the creek around this rock seemed to represent our previously hurried & scattered military lifestyle while the large glacial boulder anchored within the chaotic water symbolized the stability of our new found home. The perfect place for our kids, livestock and Australian Shepherds... NAVROCK.

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